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Dear Restaurant Owner or Manager,

When you were first considering purchasing/opening your restaurant, you probably envisioned living a certain lifestyle as a result of being a restaurant owner.

If you are already living that lifestyle then you are visiting this site to learn about something new that will elevate your "already successful" business to the next level.

If you are struggling or just not meeting the sales goals that you set forth for yourself then you are looking for something that will put you on the right path toward future success.

Either way, you probably got involved in the restaurant business to ultimately achieve certain goals in your personal and family life. Examples of those goals include such things as financial independence, spending more time with family and friends, purchasing a new home or car, college tuition, expanding a business or even taking a dream vacation.

All of the goals listed above can be accomplished once you begin to realize that things like the state of the economy, your competition and other external factors beyond your control are not what may holding you back from being as successful as you want to be.

Largest Obstacle Standing
In Your Way To Higher Sales . . .

So let's assume that you have excellent food, a nice atmosphere, a great staff and all of the basic elements needed to achieve success. If any of the above are missing then it will be very difficult to get customers to come back more than once.

With that being said, the largest obstacle standing in the way of higher sales for most restaurants is the LACK OF EFFECTIVE, RESPONSE DRIVEN MARKETING / ADVERTISING.

When most people think of marketing / advertising, they think of things like radio, tv, newspaper, yellow pages, coupon mailers, etc... Businesses have been using these types of traditional media for years to attract customers.

The reality is that these things are no longer as effective as they once were and today they are more costly than ever. Continuous use of these forms of media can put you on a hampster wheel that you may never come off of. Effectively many restaurants become a slave to monthly advertising obligations.

In order to be successful in today's economy, restaurant owners everywhere are realizing that they need to bypass these ineffective and costly forms of media and create a direct connection with their customers through the use of technology.

The "Big Secret" To Getting Your Customers
To Visit More Often And Spend More . . .

Ask yourself: What would your relationship with your friends, your family, your spouse, or your co-workers be like if you never communicated with them (no emails, no text messages, no phone calls, no tweets or facebook posts)?

The obvious answer is that you can't expect to carry on a good relationship with someone if you never communicate with them. The same thing is true for your customers: no communication = poor relationship which results in poor sales.

THE TRUE SECRET to higher sales for your restaurant is in knowing who your customers are (by collecting their contact information) and communicating with them on a regular basis about things that matter to them.

Imagine what your sales would be like if you could just get your existing customers to visit or order from your restaurant just one more time each month (the average restaurant customer visits / purchases twice per month). Therefore an additional visit by your typical customer will result in a sales increase of as much as 50% or more.


Communication: A Difficult Challenge

Communicating with your customers can be a very time consuming process. You need to know the best way to communicate with them, how often to communicate with them, what the content of the message should be and most importantly, you would need to have a number of systems in place to manage everything including the following:

  • a customer database management system
  • an email delivery system
  • a text messaging delivery system
  • pre-written message content
  • a communications scheduling system
  • a mechanism for tracking individual responses
  • an autoresponder for ongoing followup
  • a dedicated person to manage everything on a daily basis

In addition to everything listed above, you will also need to continually experiment to figure out what works and what doesn't. That doesn't sound like much fun does it?

What if there was one system that did it all for you and let you focus on what you do best: provide great food and service?


Restaurant Sales Builder is a "done for you" customer communications, follow-up, reward, feedback and referral system. Restaurant Sales Builder schedules and delivers timely, personalized, response driven communications to your customers, collects valuable feedback via online surveys, and generates a steady stream of new referrals (including friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers of your existing customers).

Therefore, with little or no effort on your part, Restaurant Sales Builder increases the frequency of visits, generates new customers and provides real-time customer feedback so that you know exactly how your customers are feeling about your restaurant.

Restaurant Sales Builder makes it easy for you to build a relationship with your customers by communicating with them periodically via their preferred media format (method of communication). This is very important because as we all know, some customers respond only to email, some only to postal mail and many now prefer text message. Restaurant Sales Builder will intelligently determine which format works best for each customer in order to maximize the response.

With Restaurant Sales Builder, you will also be notified regulary of customer comments, expectations or concerns so you can do your best to keep everyone happy. Wouldn't it be nice to login, and within a matter of minutes read all of your customer feedback from the day before?

If you do not have an effective way of communicating with your customers directly, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table? Restaurant Sales Builder will help you build better relationships with your customers and put you on the path to higher sales!


How Does Restaurant Sales Builder Work?

The Restaurant Sales Builder Program is very easy to implement and will work in any restaurant regardless of concept, size or geographic location. The following is a step-by-step description of exactly how it works:

Inside Your Restaurant:

Step 1. Invite every customer that visits your restaurant to join your VIP program and provide them with the simple membership form (included with the program).

Step 2. After the customer membership form has been completed, you then provide the customer a VIP Membership Card.

Step 3. Enter the customer contact information from the form into your Restaurant Sales Builder online control panel.

Step 4. Your customer then receives a personalized welcome email and a special offer to come right back in again.

Step 5. When customers visit or make a purchase, you simply scan their membership card or the special offer they bring in with them (using the included USB bar code scanner) and enter the total amount spent.

Step 6. Your customers periodically receive survey requests, which offer an incentive (additional reward points) for their feedback.

Step 7. Your happiest and most valuable customers are encouraged to refer their friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers to your restaurant. This results in a continuous flow of new customers.

Step 8. Restaurant Sales Builder automatically tracks customer spending and issues rewards (you set the value) when customers reaches specified point totals.

Step 9. Restaurant Sales Builder automatically sends out additional offers on special occasions throughout the year to bring customers in over and over again. In addition to the automated promotions, you also have the ability to send customized email and text message broadcasts from within your control panel.

Online Via Your Website:

We provide you with a special link (web site plugin) that you can add to your web site, enabling your web site visitors to quickly and easily join your program. If you don't have a web site, no problem, we will set you up with our web site starter package for FREE. Just mention it to your account representative after you sign up.

Step 1. Visitors to your web site click a link to join your VIP program and complete a short form including all of their contact details.

Step 2. The visitor is automatically added to your program and immediately receives a Welcome email containing a special offer (chosen by you).

Step 3. The new VIP member brings in the offer during a visit to your restaurant and is assigned a membership card by one of your staff members.

Step 4. The new member continues to earn reward points and receives additional offers on special occasions throughout the year

Whether your customer is in your restaurant or online, joining the program only takes a few minutes. Your customers will be happy to provide you their information in exchange for becoming a VIP member and receiving all of the valuable rewards and benefits.

What Is The Cost Of Restaurant Sales Builder?

For approximately $10 per day (about one menu entree) you get a program that does everything mentioned above so you can put your marketing on auto-pilot and start increasing your sales fast.

Don't take another nickel out of your pocket to pay for Restaurant Sales Builder. Simply re-allocate just $297 a month from some other tired, worn out, low response advertising (newspaper, radio, coupon mailers, etc...) that you may currently be doing and invest it in the Restaurant Sales Builder program. You won't regret it!

Read on to learn more about why Restaurant Sales Builder is different from other programs, the results you can expect, everything that is included with the program, and how you can get started RISK FREE TODAY.


What Makes Restaurant Sales Builder
Different From Other Programs?

Restaurant Sales Builder is extremely unique and provides a number of KEY ADVANTAGES over most of the restaurant marketing programs that are available today.

  1. The program was designed specifically for restaurant owners and developed by a successful restaurant owner who was frustrated with traditional marketing and advertising methods.

  2. The program is very easy to setup and operate, you won't need any expensive processing equipment or technical knowledge to manage the program.

  3. You have the ability to communicate with your customers directly from your PC using all forms of media such as email, text message, direct mail, voice broadcast and social media.

  4. Restaurant Sales Builder utilizes one centralized customer database. There is no need to have multiple systems, multiple lists or data files that require constant comparing and deduping.

  5. The program will automatically determine which media format your customers prefer and will communicate individually with them in the manner they desire resulting in higher response rates.

  6. The program is completely custom branded for your restaurant including your emails, loyalty cards and online sign up pages. You will not see our logo all over the program, just yours. In fact your customers will think you developed the program on your own.

  7. There are NO HIDDEN FEES or SURPRISES. One fixed monthly fee covers everything listed below.

The Restaurant Sales Builder program will simplify and automate your marketing, saving you time and money while substantially increasing your sales.


What Type Of Results Can Be Expected?

While we cannot guarantee specific program results, we can share with you an illustration of what a 10% increase in sales would look like for a sample restaurant on our program. As with any program, individual results may vary**. Some of our clients have realized sales increases of over 30% using the Restaurant Sales Builder program.

As you can see from the illustration above, the impact that a 10% increase in sales could have on your bottom line. It is a simple formula, the more you put into the program, the more you will get out of it.

On average, our clients can expect between $25 - 40 back in return for every dollar invested into the program. When compared to expensive, underperforming traditional advertising methods, the Restaurant Sales Builder program wins every time.

Once you have the Restaurant Sales Builder program in place and you have built up a decent size member database, the opportunities are endless. You will have more control over your sales than you have ever had before.

What Is
Included With Restaurant Sales Builder?

The following is a list of everything that is included with the program. Click on any of the items below for more details.


"Quick Start" Bonuses

Bonus #1:
Restaurant Email Gold
(Your EZ To Use and GUARANTEED
Restaurant Email Writing Solution)
You’ve probably read some of the ads for email programsEasy, Do It YourselfJust sign up for their program, collect email addresses and start blasting away (and hope for the best).  If this sounds familiar you are not alone.  Truth is the effectiveness of email is in a downward spiral with no signs of improving. 

The problem is the majority of email system providers have never studied professional copywriting and do not understand what type of writing style or exactly which words are more likely to generate the highest number of people to react to emails they receive from restaurants and other businesses.

Many restaurant owners will agree, writing emails that actually get opened and generate a response is not an easy task. There are many critical components to writing a successful email and if you do not know what those components are then you will not achieve the results you are looking for.

For this very reason, we put together Restaurant Email Gold which includes everything you need to start sending out emails that will get the people on your email list to not only respond more often but to Even Look Forward to Receiving Emails From Your Restaurant. Yes, that is 100% possible and we want to show YOU just how to make that happen.

Below is a description of what you will receive with Restaurant Email Gold:

  • The 9 Things Found In Almost Every Restaurant Email That Totally Kills Response And Must Be Avoided At All Costs.

  • The Restaurant Email Blueprint

  • A Single Email Campaign That Can Bring YOU the Equivalent Of An EXTRA MONTH Of Sales In JUST FIVE DAYS!

  • EZ Cut & Paste File

  • How To Collect The Contact Information Of Over 95% Of Your Customers . . . GUARANTEED!

Bonus #2:
Restaurant Marketing International
Monthly Sales Building Newsletter
(Each & Every Month We Introduce New Cash Generating
Strategies That Are WORKING NOW & Can Be Quickly
& Easily Implemented In Your Restaurant)
Our Restaurant Marketing International "What's Working Now" Monthly Membership was developed at the request of several of our private coaching clients and is written by restaurant owners for restaurant owners.

It seems like now more than ever, there are so many self proclaimed restaurant marketing gurus and the Internet is polluted with so much useless information. It is not easy figuring out who to trust or where to start.

We developed this monthly Newsletter with one goal in mind: Generating More Sales And Profits Quickly and Easy. We don't get into a lot of theory on why things work, we simply give you proven strategies that are "WORKING NOW" in today's economy.

Get ready to receive the following:

  • Our Monthly Industry Briefing: Don't get side tracked, we discuss exactly what you should and should not be concerned about.

    We continually monitor all of the best industry analysts, key periodicals, journals and news sources and spoon feed you the important information that will help you build and grow your sales.

  • Monthly Fast Cash Strategy: Each month we introduce one new unique, proven and easy to implement strategy gauranteed to add additional sales.

    mplementing just 1 to 2 new key strategies each month is the key to success.

  • Restaurant Ad Critiques: Avoid making the same critical mistakes that more than 90% of restaurant owners make when it comes to advertising.

    We present you with both the good and bad attributes of each ad so that you can get a better response from any marketing or advertising that you are currently doing or may do in the future.

    Many of our clients can tell you how much money they wasted prior to discovering these "little known" techniques and tips.

  • Top Secret Hot Sheet: In this section, we present unorthadox methods and strategies for generating high dollar tickets on a frequent basis.

    We help you
    indentify the hidden business inside your business. These secrets will leave you saying: "Now why didn't I think of that...".

  • Monthly Marketing Roadmap: A preview of the upcoming month that features several timely and stimulating ideas for generating new sales.

    We will open your eyes to unique sales opportunities that you may have never heard of our thought of. This is a great way to start thinking "outside of the box".

We always include very detailed instructions so that you are never left wondering how to do something or what to do next.

Each month we will ship my Monthly Newsletter right to your door. You will also receive special email alerts and video updates periodically when we have something really important to say (we only send out information that generates cash - no fluff or filler).

Your membership also includes access to our email hotline where you can ask any important marketing and sales building questions that you may have.

Just imagine how easy it's going to be to increase your sales when you continually receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement each new "little known" cash generating marketing strategy.


What Other Restaurant Owners And Managers
Are Saying About Restaurant Sales Builder . . .

Increased sales from existing clients…

“I was continuously wasting money trying to BUY new customers. I never realized that the increased sales I was looking for were right under my nose with with the clients I already have.”

Dean Wescott
Multiple Unit Owner
Independence, Missouri

Relationship strategies unable
to find elsewhere…

“I am a franchisee and the the Sales Builer program has provided me with customer relationship strategies that I was unable to find elsewhere.”

Mike Reynolds
Weston, Wisconsin

Best return for my marketing dollars…

“I have been in the restaurant business 40 years and searching for the best return for my marketing dollars. This program has done more than anything else I have ever tried.”

Lou Smith
Scottish Heights


Is Restaurant Sales Builder The Right
Program For My Restaurant?

This program is designed for Restaurant owners who are doing ok but want to take their sales to the next level and for successful restaurant owners who are looking for that extra edge.

Please Note: This program will not help everyone. If your restaurant is really struggling and you are looking something that will turn everything around in a very short period of time, this program is not for you.

There are so many programs out there that make claims like "Double Your Sales In 90 Days" and "Change Your Life In 90 Days". While we won't make ridiculous promises, we can tell you that this program will put you on the path to higher sales and become the foundation for so many other things that you can do to increase your sales in the future. We will be there to assist and advise you on those "Other Things" as well.

You will ultimately have more control over your business and have the ability to generate additional sales at any time by simply communicating with your customers.


There Is Only One Thing That Can
Cause This Program To Absolutely Fail
In Your Restaurant . . .

Please do not join this program unless you are completely committed to signing up new members. Just like your car needs gas before it will go anywhere, this program needs members for it to be successful. The more members you have, the better your results will be.

It is very easy to sign your customers up, in fact we have clients who on average sign up over 80% of the people that walk through the door. As part of your training we will tell you exactly what to say and how to get the most members possible to join.

And don't forget you can also get new members by simply promoting your web site and via customer referrals.

Even though this program is completely automated and there is very little that you need to do to make it work, we feel that it is very important to set your expectations up front and make sure that you understand the importance of continually acquiring new members.


OK, Let's Summarize . . .

The entire Fully Automated Restaurant Sales Builder Program (designed and managed by restaurant owners for restaurant owners) is available today for the low monthly fee of just $347. No setup fees, no contracts. You receive everything listed below:

Professionally Designed, Custom
Branded Email Promotions & Offers
Handheld USB Barcode Scanner For
Tracking Program Results
Unlimited Full Color Professionally Designed, Custom Branded Loyalty Cards Unlimited Membership Application
To Sign Up Customers
Easy To Use Web-Based Control Panel For Managing Your Program Customer Satisfaction &
Feedback System
Web Site Plug-In To Sign Up Customers Via Your Existing Web Site Personalized Program URL (Website Address) & Custom Branding
Easy-To-Follow Training Toll Free Customer Support
And Email Hotline
Restaurant Email Gold ("How To" Email Writing Training Program) Restaurant Marketing International Monthly Sales Building Newsletter

The most successful restaurant owners take immediate action with regard to new opportunities for increasing sales. Please don't wait to put the Restaurant Sales Builder program to work for your restaurant.

Simply click the big yellow button below and you will be on your way to higher sales. Guaranteed!


Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Other Charges?

There are no hidden fees:  No setup fees.  No transaction fees.  No fees for supplies such as membership cards or forms. 

Most programs offer a free trial period to get you hooked (beware of these programs) then the hidden fees kick in and the cost of running the program becomes much higher than expected.  With Restaurant Sales Builder, you will always know what you can expect to pay each month.

Is A Contract Required?

There are no contracts to sign and you may cancel at anytime.  We only want happy customers and we will do everything we can to make sure our customers are pleased with the program and get the best possible results.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely.  Restaurant Sales Builder comes with a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee.  If you get started on the program and for any reason decide that it is not for you, simply contact us and we will immediately refund the entire amount spent during the first 90 days.

You can either pay monthly or annually.  If you choose to pay for a whole year in advance, you will receive 2 months for free.

Is It Easy To Setup & Use

To get started all you have to do is provide us with a little information up front, then we do the rest for you.  Once your account is up and running, it is literally on auto-pilot.  The system will begin automatically communicating with your customers via email.

How Long Does It Take To Setup?

Typically your program can be up and running on the program within 2 weeks.  It does take about 3 - 4 weeks to get your membership cards.  Some of our clients do not want to wait for the membership cards to get started so they start collecting information from their customer immediately and mail the membership cards to them when they come in.  If you want to wait for your cards then it will take approximately 30 days from the day you sign up.

When Can Results Be Expected?

You will start seeing results as soon as you activate the program.  Keep in mind that the success of the program depends on your ability to sign up new customers.  Adding more members to the program increases the number of promotions/offers that the system sends out for you thus increasing visits/orders and sales. 

After you become a Restaurant Sales Builder client, we will teach you the best ways to get more customers to sign up for the program.

Can I Send As Many Emails As I Want?

Unlimited emails are included with the program. In addition to the emails that are sent automatically for you, you may also send out your own custom email messages.

Included with the program is our Restaurant Email Gold Email Writing Training Program that will show you exactly how to get the best response for every email that you send. This training program will give you a huge advantage over your competition. Fewer than 5% of restaurant owners actually know how to use email effectively and most see little or no response from their email campaigns.

Does It Work For Multiple Locations?

Yes.  The program was designed to support 1 or many locations.  Customers can sign up at 1 location and then earn points and redeem offers at other locations as well.  We have added a number of features to make it very easier for clients with multiple locations.

Special pricing is available for multiple locations, please contact us and we will discuss the pricing options available based on your number of locations.

What Type Of Equipment Is Required?

Restaurant Sales Builder can run on any PC with a recent web browser (which can be downloaded for free) and an Internet connection.  The PC does not have to be new or fast to operate the program.A POS (Point Of Sale) System is not required but it can run on most POS systems.  Your POS system must also have a web browser and be connected to the Internet.9. Does It Require Any Technical Experience To Operate?No technical expertise is required.  A basic understanding of how to operate a PC and web browser is helpful.

Is It Possible To Import An Existing Customer List?

With Restaurant Sales Builder you can import your current customer list and send them an invitation to join your new VIP program.  This process ensures that everyone has opted-in and is expecting to receive emails from you regarding the program.  Upon signup, they will be asked to confirm their contact information and update any missing information such as birthday, anniversary, mobile phone or any other important contact details that they are willing to provide.

How Safe Is The Customer Data Stored In The Program?

Your data is 100% safe.  In fact there is no better place to store your valuable customer data.  Our servers are located in a secure data center and are backed up daily for your protection.  Many pizzerias/restaurant owners store their only copy of their customer data on a single PC at their location.  Imagine if there was a fire or a burgarly and the data was lost forever.  You will never have to worry about losing this important and valuable information.

Is The Program Custom Branded For My Restaurant?

Yes, many other programs put their logo and branding on all of the emails that are sent and on any web pages that are part of the program.  With Restaurant Sales Builder, everything is privately branded to your restaurant.  You even get to choose your own domain name when activating the program.  Your customers will think you are running the program internally.  This looks more professional and also ensures that your competition won't find out about your secret weapon and where to get it. 

What Type Of Support Is Available?

We offer telephone and email support.  We respond quickly to any questions that you may have as a member of the program.  We are always here to assist you in your quest to build and grow your sales.

What Other Types Of Services Are Available?

We offer personalized Private Coaching Programs for pizzeria/restaurant owners or managers who want to FAST TRACK their sales growth and explore a wide range of strategies and tactics for building sales. These programs are for serious individuals who are willing to dedicate the time and energy it takes to realize substantial sales growth in a very short period of time.  If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please contact us.

 We understand, and it is perfectly normal to be apprehensive and even hesitant about trying something you have not used or worse yet some new technology. However, the same can be said about the first time people heard of a “horseless carriage”, the telephone, an airplane and the mobile phone. Just imagine your life without any of those things now!

The truth is, if you don’t make an effort to at least test the latest technology and / or products, you will most certainly miss out on some great opportunities to propel your business to the next level.

At Restaurant Sales Builder we realize how difficult it may be to take that first step and commit to something new and that is why we offer our NO RISK 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Stop relying on antiquated and ineffective advertising methods, take us up on our “No Risk Guarantee” and see just how much YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR RESTAURANT SALES. Many restaurant owners and operators are very happy today that they chose to do just that. Click the button below to GET STARTED...

Only $347 (AUD) Per Month.

Try It For 90 Days RISK FREE.

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