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Sales Builder Systems provides sales building programs and services designed specifically for restaurant owners and managers. Sales Builder Systems was founded by an International business advisor and successful restaurant owner who was frustrated with the poor performance of traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

By combining sophisticated technology with unique and proven restaurant advertising and marketing techniques & strategies, Sales Builder Systems has been successfully helping restaurants of any size or concept, regardless of geographic location, to effectively and effortlessly increase their sales and profits.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager and would like to request additional information about our private coaching and sales building programs, please call (800) 900-5576 or click here to contact us online.

The Story Behind Restaurant Sales Builder:

What did a Global Business Executive determined to increase the sales of a restauarant that he purchased as an investment do when he became totally frustrated with expensive, underperforming traditional restaurant marketing and advertising methods such as radio, coupon mailers and newspaper ads?

He took the bull by the horns and made a personal committment to substantially increase the sales of his restaurant. After spending over $50,000 and 2+ years studying restaurant marketing, followed by an exhaustive trial and error period, he developed a totally automated marketing system that maximizes customer visits and spending, generates new customers, and reports progress on a daily basis. Patrick used this system (later named Restaurant Sales Builder) to more than double sales of his own restaurant.

Therefore, Restaurant Sales Builder is the result of Patrick Griswold's decision to purchase an Italian Café as an investment and his continued determination to figure out the easiest and most cost effective way to maintain the highest level of sales possbile for his restaurant.

Having spent over twenty five years managing large manufacturing businesses in some of the most challenging markets in the world (Including Africa and India), Patrick was not intimidated and knew that figuring out the secret to increasing restaurant sales could not be anywhere near as difficult as the many challenges that he faced and overcame throughout his corporate career.

Patrick realized that he was on to something and decided that he wanted to share his incredible sales building system with other restaurant owners and operators outside of his area. He used his broad knowledge of business and network of technology experts to develop a turnkey system that could automate the marketing for any restaurant regardless of concept, size or geographic location. His efforts paid off and he quickly began helping other restaurant owners put their marketing on auto-pilot, enabling them to focus on operations while resting assured that all of the critical marketing duties were being implemented each and every day.

Built around the philosophy that restaurant customers should not be ignored in between visits, Restaurant Sales Builder uses modern technology to automatically deliver professionally crafted, direct response marketing messages to restaurant customers. These personalized communications continually remind customers of the great experiences they have had during past visits and encourage them to visit over and over again. In today's economy, restaurant owners can no longer afford to sit back and rely on the customer to remember to make another visit or purchase.

Restaurant Sales Builder has been operating in restaurants and pizzerias in over 20 states in the USA since 2008 as well as in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Whether you are a single independent restaurant operator or a 250 unit franchisor, Restaurant Sales Builder is your solution to higher sales. Guaranteed!

Below you will find past and current photos of Patrick Griswold's restaurant (Pizzi Cafe) that he still owns today and which provides inspiration for the continued development of the Restaurant Sales Builder program.

Tony Pizzi started his business in 1934 and gave it his own name until he
changed it to Pizzi Cafe in 1939. The above photos display the rich history of
the cozy family cafe started by an ambitious Italian immigrant and his wife.

Pizzi Cafe as it is today - now celebrating 75 years.


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